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How do I order:

GoDeliver has organized all our services with carriers, so it is easy self-service. Go to the landing page at www.hurtiglevering.com here, where you can get a quote on the services. You must enter sender and recipient information as well as additional weight and details of the shipment. Then available services with prices are displayed, and you as a customer can choose a service from one of our partners and go for payment. Then the reservation of the transport is made.

If you do not get any option for services, please email or call us and we will try to find a service that suits your request.

Fast delivery offers sales of services, and due to the fact that our partner delivers the service within 1-2 days of ordering, there is no 14-day cancellation period for the order - see cancellation order for more information.



We all try to do our best and minimize any disruption to your transportation. Yet we see injuries now and then. First and foremost, we work with our airlines to communicate packaging requirements so that we eliminate or minimize damage to the goods. When we face problems, we work with professional partners with processes for claims and rules for reimbursement. So follow the guidelines when you get the information and Instant Delivery is always here to help.



As a customer and order a transport at www.hurtiglevering.com, you order a service from one of our carriers. Payment is made by Fast Delivery and we cannot take any orders without reservation for payment. Once the order is placed, Fast Delivery reserves the payment in the customer account, and Fast Delivery withdraws the payment network when the transport label is printed and the goods are ready for collection.


Cancel order:

After ordering on our site, we know that things may change and your requirements may. GoDelivr is here to help, and as long as there is no cost association, we will try our best to cancel or withhold your order. So if you need to cancel or change your order, let us know. In normal situations, we are able to cancel or change the order until the label is printed, and that is also when the carrier is informed. In some cases, we can stop the collection at no cost - and we offer this to our customers. If the carrier has started the service, there are costs involved and cancellation is not an option. Let us know and we will find the best solution.

As a customer, you are always welcome to contact the carrier directly.



If an order is canceled and there are no associated costs for Fast Delivery, the Fast Delivery will refund the order. If there is a disruption or damage to the delivery, Express Delivery follows the rules of our carriers and refunds according to the carrier's guidelines.



Fast delivery does not sell goods. We are a marketplace for transportation services. We are not responsible for the return of goods, but having said that, it is possible to order a return policy. Any price must be borne by the person or company ordering the return - for Express Delivery it is a transport like any other transport.


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